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The Hitz is “NON FOR PROFIT” and our aim is to encourage social gain within Lancashire and Beyond.
In addition to entertaining and informing, the intention is to reflect the interests and needs of our audience. To that end diversity, cultural programming and a blend of Entertainment talk and music – much of the latter directly requested by our listenership – is all very much a part of the plan.
As a ‘Internet radio station’ and 100% voluntary project our aim is not to “talk at” the listener but to create direct links with our listeners thereby becoming an integral part of Lancashire and beyond.
Finally part of our remit is also interested in acquiring new skills and the knowledge associated with the setup and future running of a radio station.
Feedback has shown that listeners appreciate the unique nature of the service, our local content and presenters (and their individual, occasionally quirky, personalities!), the banter between presenters, the wide – unpredictable – variety of music and the fact that we are approachable and not commercially playlist driven.